NBA Playoffs Casino Blackjack Tournament

NBA Playoffs Casino Blackjack Tournament
General Rules:

1. Contest is live from April 15th until the end of the NBA playoffs.
2. Contest is exclusive to the ‘Vegas Offshore’ casino.
3. Contest is only available on the single-hand blackjack game.
4. Every true blackjack (Ace and 10) will be replaced with one of the active teams still in the playoffs.
5. Collect as many cards of each team as possible during the NBA playoffs.
6. Collected Cards will be shown in the ‘Contest’ link on the top menu of the blackjack game.

How to win?

1. Each round of the playoffs has different earning potential:

Earn 1 point when the playoffs start on Saturday, April 15th. All first games of the 8 first-round matchups will be played either April 15 or 16.

Earn .75 points when the Conference Semi-Finals are scheduled to start May 1-2 (possibly April 29-30).

Earn ½ point when the Conference Finals are scheduled to start May 16-17 (possibly May 14-15).

Earn ¼ point when the NBA finals start Thursday June 1, 2023 and potentially last until Sunday, June 18.

a. Game 1 - Thur, June 1.

b. Game 2 - Sun, June 4.

c. Game 3 - Wed, June 7.

d. Game 4 - Fri, June 9.

e. Game 5 - Mon, June 12 (if neccessary).

f. Game 6 - Thr, June 15 (if neccessary).

g. Game 7 - Sun, June 18 (if neccessary).

2. You will earn FREE cash deposited to your account w/ NO ROLLOVER based on the number of cards you collected of the team that wins the Championship Game.

For example:

1. Let’s assume the Warriors win the NBA Championship. Let’s also assume you collected 10 Warriors cards in week 1, 20 Warrior cards during the Conference Semi-Finals, 40 Warriors cards in the Conference Finals and 60 Warrior cards during the Finals.

2. You would win a FREE cash amount equal to the number of Warrior cards collected each week at the above pt. totals multiplied by your average bet over the course of the tournament.

3. If your average bet over the entire playoffs was $10 then you would get a FREE bonus equal to:

Week 1 (10 cards x $10) or $100

Week 2 (20 cards x $7.50) or $150

Week 3 (40 cards x $5.00) or $200

Week 4 (60 cards x $2.50) or $150

The total amount credited to your account will be $600 w/ NO ROLLOVER.

• Free bonuses won in this contest will be credited the morning after the final game.
• Credit players are not eligible for this contest without prior approval from your agent.

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