Free Bitcoin

What’s the best thing about casinos, besides the big paydays? The comps, of course. Just like the brick and mortar casinos, BitBet is handing out comps to its players. Don’t worry. These aren’t coupons for a free breakfast buffet, we’re giving you the comps you really want – more money. That’s right. We’re giving away free Bitcoin.

That’s money right back into your pocket. And the more you bet, the more Bitcoins you win. Unlike some other online casino comps, there are zero restrictions when it comes to BitBet comps. You aren’t locked in by restrictions or forced to rollover your comps so many times before withdrawing. That is your money, almost instantly.

When you first sign up with BitBet you’ll be given an automatic membership to our popular Comps Program that entitles you to one mBTC for every half BTC bet in our casino. The free Bitcoin cashback calculates from 12 a.m. ET through 11:59 p.m. ET, with that credit deposited into your balance between 5 a.m. ET and 12 p.m. ET the following day. You can use those cash comps for any of our exciting casino games and there is no limit to how much Bitcoin cash back you can earn.

How the Daily Comp Program works:

  1. All players earn 2 mBTC cash comp for every 1 BTC risked in the casino.

  2. The cashback starts to calculate at 12am eastern in the morning and runs through 11:59pm eastern that same day.

  3. A cash credit equivalent to 2 mBTC for every 1 BTC in action is added to your real balance the following day between 5am eastern and 12pm eastern.

  4. The cash comp can be used on any games and there are no rollover rules or restrictions.

  5. There is no limit on how much can be earned daily.


  • You risk a total of 3 BTC playing blackjack, 12 BTC playing craps and 10 BTC on video poker during a 24 hour period.

  • The total action above equals 25 BTC in casino risk for that period.

  • The cash comp credit earned and credited to your account the following day will be 50 mBTC. (3 BTC + 12 BTC + 10 BTC = 25 BTC / .5 = 50 mBTC).

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