Online Casino Software Provable Fairness - Explanation

Provable fairness was created to address the lack of transparency that exists within online casino software. It creates the ability to give assurance to the player that the result matches a complex random number generator.

Often, casino software providers lack transparency and do not show proof that their gambling games will payout the correct amount based on the casino set hold%. Online casino software providers in the market will often pay other websites to announce they are provably fair rather than allowing the player to ensure it on their own while they play.

A good example in the common world would be an open-air kitchen in a restaurant. A closed door does not allow the customer to see that the food is being prepared properly and according to health regulations. An open-air visible kitchen solves that dilemma. It allows the casual diner to view the food prep and cleanliness of their food as it is being cooked before it is served.

How does it work?

All online casino games use or a multiple of unique RNG’s (random number generators) that are the backbone of each individual game. The RNG’s decide the order of the cards dealt, which number the spinning ball will land and where the dice will land etc. In order to understand the RNG process better, let’s explain the different components of the casino provability algorithm.

• Seeds

The seeds are a series of numbers and letters that are used to generate the result of one game. The player (person at home) and the server (machine online) generate two separate seeds. The user seeds are revealed to the players while the server is kept hidden or encrypted.

• Hashing Functions

The server seeds usea secure hashtag algorithm to create a hashed seed that is presented to the player. The process of hashing a seed requires encrypting the information to make it virtually impossible to read, decipher, or reverse engineer. Therefore, in essence making it real.

• Nonce

A nonce is an active integer that increases each time a player makes a bet. The nonce will start at 0 and increase by +1 for every bet that is made. The process is all completed before the user asks for a card, spins the reels or rolls the dice. The purpose of a nonce is to ensure the game is unpredictable and prevent a request from being repeated at the start of the game.

Why does this process ensure the game is provably fair?

The seeds from the player and user are present and the system combines the two to create a value that translates into one of the many results of thegambling game.

However, it is important to note that the server seed is kept a secret to the player since the sequence is hashed or encrypted.

The player though can run the hashed seed along with the player seed to check and ensure the value it generates is the same as the one produced in one game. The player then knows that the hashed seed has not tampered with the server seed and the result of the provably fair game is genuine.
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